Review: NCIS: LA 5×02

**************************Contains Spoilers**************************

5X02 “Impact”

5X01 left off with Deeks leaving the Mission with a box of his things. Impact takes place about 4 months after Sidorov. Sam is back to work. He’s healed physically but how about mentally? Deeks hasn’t been answering his phone, even when Hetty calls. That’s a pretty big move on Deeks’ part. Can’t stay hidden from Hetty for long.


Look! Hetty has Eric wearing big boy pants! Never thought I’d see the day. Eric has some sensitive thighs. I wonder how long this will last. Any guesses?


Today’s case involves the deaths of former Vice Admiral William Gardner and journalist Jason Carter, killed in a plane crash. The team is a man down without Deeks and before Hetty lets Sam out in the field, he has appointment to make. Instead of talking to a stranger Hetty has brought in Nate in hopes that he can get Sam to open up.

5x02-4 5x02-5

As you can see, Sam is not very happy about this.

With now both Deeks and Sam out of the field Callen and Kensi are partners. Deeks isn’t returning Kensi’s phone calls which is worrying her. He even turned down a cronut! A special treat Kensi got all the way from New York. While at the scene Callen finds out that the planes black box is missing. That is never a good sign.

We got a cute little Neric scene which shows Eric a little jealous of Nells constant text messages. The night before Kensi, Nell and Rose went out with three guys. Had themselves a little girls night out. Eric thinks it was a group date but Nell swears she wasn’t into any of the guys. Eric gets all nervous when Nell asks if he’s jealous because he wants to go on one. “With you?” Oh Eric.

During Nate and Sam’s conversation Sam mentions that he’s tired of everyone being so nice to him. Michelle, Callen, everyone. He wants everything to go back to normal, he’s fine.


The team is worried about Deeks. Hetty decides that if he’s not going to answer his phone then she’ll just have to go to him. I found it hilarious that she’s hiding behind his curtains and scares him. When Hetty gets to his house there’s wave sounds playing in the background to help him fall asleep. Obviously with what Deeks went through he’s going to have trouble sleeping. Seeing him like this breaks my heart. He’s broken. The only person that can put him back together, is Kensi. 43 missed calls, I wonder how many of those are from Kensi.


“Clench, release. Clench, release.”

Callen and Nell discover that Jason’s apartment was set on fire. Eric discovers that after the plane crash someone got rid of all of Jason’s virtual information. Whatever he was writing, someone doesn’t want it published. Who ever did this was a pro, even Eric is surprised by their skills. While going through the airports security video Nell discovers that the planes black box, which is actually orange, was stolen and the crash was sabotaged.

Hettys comment to Nate about Deeks, “I don’t want him back if he’s not the man he was.”, scares me a little. I’m hoping Deeks pulls through this funk. Of course Nate can find Deeks at the beach. All Deeks wants, no needs, is sleep. Every time he closes his eyes, his mind keeps running. When Nate mentions Kensi, Deeks gets a little defensive. Nate calls their partnership a special relationship, comparing them to Callen and Sam. I think when Deeks first heard Nate say they had a special relationship he was thinking he knew about their kiss. But then Nate asks what makes their relation ship unique, which Deeks can’t answer. When Deeks is able to answer that, then things will become clearer.



Unfortunately, after catching the men that sabotaged the plane the killers keep their mouths shut. The case turns out to be much larger than they originally expected. Hetty sends the team home because there is nothing else they can do.

Another cute Neric scene, Hetty tells Eric he can drop the pants off at wardrobe when he leaves. However, Eric and Nell decided to save his sensitive thighs and, DUN DUN DUNNNN cut the pants!


“I’m dead.”
“I’m the one who cut them.”

And now, the scene we’ve all been waiting for…..

*Cue cute Densi music*



This scene will go down in history as one of the best Densi scenes ever. The smiles on their faces when they’re together show just how much they care for each other. Deeks is scared and confused but when Kensi comes over, the smile never leaves his face. Kensi while explaining the movie to Deeks, awesome. Also, Deeks’ humor is coming through a lot in this scene. Deeks has some pretty pillows, a pink kitten one and one with pink pom poms on the side…adorable.

“It’s like America and France made slow, sweet love and then had a pastry baby.”

“It’s like America and France made slow, sweet love and then had a pastry baby.”

“What happens next?” “It’s a love story.”

“What happens next?”
“It’s a love story.”

Deeks finally being able to sleep while with Kensi just shows how safe he feels with her around. Hopefully we’ll get more amazing Densi scenes like this through out the season.

~ Jenny Q

* I should finally be done with all the crazy work my professors have had me doing so reviews should be going up when they’re supposed to from now on.


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