Review: NCISL: LA 5×03

********************* Contains Spoilers *********************

 5X03 “Omni”

Omni is Kyle Harimoto’s first episode as an NCIS: Los Angeles writer, joining the team from Hawaii Five-0. Welcome Kyle!

The first two episodes were heavy with emotion. So why not start off episode 3 with a nice big BOOM?! NCISLA always has the best explosions! Our favorite LAPD liaison has decided it’s time to head back to OSP. A present from Hetty is sitting on his desk with a big red bow when he walks in. This has Deeks questioning how Hetty knew he was planning on coming back today. But come on Deeks, its Hetty, she knows everything.


I always love the opening scenes when the team walks in first thing in the morning. We had a Callen and Sam scene this time. The Hanna household watches “Project Runway” and think its time for Sam to get a makeover. Do you agree? You can only have so many long sleeved, three buttoned, t-shirts. So Sam being the loving husband and father that he is decided to go shopping. Apparently, they don’t carry clothes for men Sam’s size over on Robertson.

When Kensi arrives to work, she finds Deeks in the firing range testing out his new present from Hetty, a Smith & Weston. He can’t seem to get a handle of it just yet. Although, this is the first time Deeks is shooting a gun since being tortured so I’m sure it’s not easy. Kensi asks if he’s back, Deeks answers he’s going to take it one day at a time. I think that’s the best he can do.

Deeks is back and so is the Densi chemistry. I loved this scene! An Eric hologram would be cool!

K:“That would be Eric 1.0, 2.0 would be a hologram.”
D: “So if Eric 2.0 is a hologram, what Eric 3.0?”
K: “At that point, he’s just Nell.”

*Speaking of Eric, I would just like to point out that Barrett Foa read my review for 5×02 and tweeted me about it. How awesome is that?!

I’m a little annoyed at the Sam and Deeks hug. I know he’s apologized but I still don’t forgive him. He made Deeks feel unwanted for years. I think the look on Deeks’ face shows
just how awkward he feels about it too.


It’s great to see Deeks making jokes while the team is going over the case like he used to. He seems unable to stop talking. Nerves maybe? Our victim is Tom Norris, CEO of a bio tech company who is handling a classified vaccine. Callen seems to be a little concerned on whether or not Deeks is ready to be back at work or not.

Seeing Densi working together again puts a smile on my face. Kensi’s been keeping all her torture jokes in for a long time. It was only a matter of time until one of them slipped out. A great scene between Densi. They missed each other 🙂


“You done?”
“Nowhere near, but it feels good. I missed you.”
“Sorry what?”
“I mean..I um..I missed having someone to beat up on. Cause, Callen and Sam they’re..they just don’t get my humor”
“You’re still talking.”
“Whatever. You know what I mean.”
“I do.”

The race club is very elite. Only those with fancy cars are welcomed as members. In order for Sam and Callen to get in the club, they’re going to need a car that will turn heads. Callen suggests taking Hetty’s cobra without telling her, claiming they’ll get it back before she even notices. They got so close… NOT! BUSTED! Like Hetty would ever let one of them drive. Sam wouldn’t even be able to fit behind the wheel. Hetty comes up with an idea. Since she won’t allow the guys to drive it she suggests just bring it to the track, Callen and Sam aren’t fans of this idea so they hand it over to Kensi and Deeks. Instead, G and Sam head over to Tom’s house. Now THAT is a nice place! A pool on the roof?! Where can I get one of those?

The guys looking at the cobra want to see Kensi drive it. Kensi, being the smart gal she is knows just how mad Hetty would be if she did. Deeks on the other hand, is hidden in the back of her truck and is talking her into driving the car. And we got a little Kensalina thrown in there. I love it when he calls her that. Having to keep her cover, Kensi jumps into the cobra and takes it for a spin. Awesome driving too!


Some fun undercover Densi. Deeks looks good in those skinny jeans.


After chasing their suspect up to the roof of a parking garage the team is forced to shoot. The only one that doesn’t shoot is Deeks, he freezes.


Even though he did freeze up Deeks claims that he’s fine. I find Deeks on going joke about the voices in his head hilarious. When the team finds out there’s another suspect they head over to Morris Bio Tech. Here we get a little action in the parking lot. It’s great seeing David, Eric’s brother and stunt double and Daniela’s fiancé. Even if it was just for a quick second and he was rolling down a hill.

When the case is solved and the team starts packing up, Callen wants to speak to Deeks. Callen tells Deeks he doesn’t want him there. He feels that Deeks isn’t ready to come back which puts the rest of the team in danger. Callen not believing in Deeks definitely isn’t helping him.



The episode ends with a cute little Densi scene with the two leaving for dinner. Kensi entertains us with her bulgogi dance. The two of them are just too cute!


The cast will be on The Talk today at 2/1c on CBS to talk about the 100th episode! Check your listings. Don’t miss it!

Tonight is the 100th episode! Very Callen based and I’m super excited! It’s a huge accomplishment for any tv show to reach 100 episodes. Here’s tonights promo! Reznikov, N. airs tonight 9/8c on CBS.


~ Jenny Q


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