Review: NCIS: LA 5×04

*************** CONTAINS SPOILERS ***************

5×04 “Reznikov, N.”

I just want to start off with a big congratulations to the NCIS: Los Angeles cast and crew on their 100th episode! Woohoo! This is a huge milestone. It’s not easy being the #2 show 5 years in a row but they’ve done it! Here’s to 100 more!

So we start the episode in the gym with a little rock climbing challenge. Callen vs. Deeks, with their respective partners as their cheerleaders. Deeks has beaten Callen twice, Sam never wanting to give up suggests best out of 5. My money is on Deeks, Callen says he climbs like an orangutan. Deeks’ monkey noises was the icing on the cake. It’s the little things Deeks does that makes me love him. Deeks “lets” Callen win the next two which makes Kensi unhappy. I asked Dani during the live tweet if she’s competitive like Kensi and she said yes! I can totally see it! Kensi even slips in a little “my guy” when she’s talking to Sam.


Thanks to Eric Christian Olsen Net

While the children are off playing around, Granger and Hetty are in her office talking about Deeks’ return. While the two are talking, Eric comes down and tells them they need to head upstairs. Something important came in that they need to see before everyone else. Something so bad that Hetty lets out an “oh, bugger”.

While the team heads up to ops, Hetty keeps Callen back. She’s sending him off to Camp Pendleton for an agent assessment. Hetty wants Callen nowhere near this case. However, when Callen sees Sam walking out with Granger he realizes that something’s up. So what does he do? He follows them. Why did Hetty want to keep G away from this case so bad you ask? Well the house that was shot up had a message on the wall written in blood. It said “Callen we have your father”. If you ask me, that’s a pretty good reason not to tell him.

Our victim and the man we think is Callen’s father is Michael Reinhardt. His house is the one that has been shot up. The kidnappers cut off one of Michaels fingers and used it to write the message to Callen. When Hetty arrives and sees Callen in Michaels bedroom she knows there is no way she can get him to leave. No matter how hard she tries. Callen comes across a box of photos in the bedroom closet. Pictures of Callen when he was a little boy.



As he’s looking through all the pictures he notices some of them are from when he was in foster care. Which means his father’s been watching him for years. Callen even comes across a picture of him at his sisters grave. Remember back in season 2 when Callen saw someone talking pictures of him and tried to track him down? Well, I guess now we know who it was!

Nell and Eric track down the car that left Reinhardt’s house from surveillance videos. The car turns out to be stolen. Our two suspects stole the car from a parking lot during the day. The parking lots surveillance cameras were poor quality so they couldn’t get facial recognition but that doesn’t stop super team Neric. Eric is able to track down the cab that dropped our suspects off at the parking lot.

What they find… shouldn’t come as a surprise.  A Comescu, Vasile Comescu.


The team only took down some of the Comescu family back in Romania, but not all. For years, there has been bad blood between the Comescu family and Callens. The Comescu’s want Callen and his family dead and will stop at nothing to get the job done. Vasile doesn’t want Callen’s father, he wants G. Michael is just a bargaining chip.

Callen has gone off the map. He tends to do this when the Comescu family is involved. I think Hetty knew this was going to happen though. When Callen was looking through all the photos he found of Michael and a friend, Arkady. Callen decides to pay Arkady a visit and get some answers. Arkady sees Callens refection behind him and pulls a gun out of his fridge. Who keeps a gun in their fridge you ask? Apparently everyone. Arkady doesn’t have the answers Callen is looking for. According to Arkady, no one has ever introduced themselves to him as Callen’s father.

Callen goes to meet Vasile to do a tradeoff. Vasile’s cousin Anton for Reinhardt. Callen came alone. Callen set up his car to explode when Comescu’s guys looked in the trunk, thinking Anton was inside. The explosion causes a shootout. Sam and the rest of the team tracked Vasile’s cell phone and were just around the corner when the explosion happened. Comescu’s guys shoot at Sam and Granger while they come down the ally and are able to get a shot at Granger. Sam loses control of the car causing them to flip over. Granger crawls out of the car bleeding from a gunshot wound.

Comescu’s men grab Callen and bring him face to face with Michael Reinhardt. Reinhart tells Callen that his name is Nikita Alexander Reznikov and he is his father. The look on Callens face breaks my heart. Here he is, finally meeting his father and they’re being held at gunpoint. Callen knows they’re going to kill his father and possibly him too. Vasile shoots Reinhardt twice in the back. Sam is able to get out of the car by the time Kensi and Deeks show up, taking out the rest of Comescu’s guys. Callen shot Vasile and then ran over to Michael. His last words to Callen were “Tell him, the debt is paid”. Tell who?

Arkady makes another appearance with Callen at the morgue. Arkady tells Callen the truth about Michael. He’s not Callen’s father. In fact, he actually owed Callens real father a debt. Callen’s father was a Russian soldier who helped Michael and his family get to America. In return, Michael promised him that he would keep an eye on G until his father was able to come to America for G and his sister.

When Deeks was going through the pictures of Callen he found an old video film. When Callen ets home that night he watches it. It was a video of something Callen probably never thought he’d ever see, home videos. Inside the film box was a note written by his father that said “My Family”. In the last three minutes of the episode, with tears running down his face, Callen says two words. The words his father once wrote.


Chris O’Donnell for all the awards! He was great! The first episodes of the season are really Deeks related so it was nice to have an episode dedicated to Callen. For our 100th episode, I think it was fantastic! Callen’s family has always been a mystery and I love when we learn more about who he really is. I wish we had a little flirting between Deeks and Kensi but other than that, I thought it was perfect!

~ Jenny Q


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