Review: NCIS:LA 5X08

I should just give up on giving myself deadlines to write blogs because I never meet them.

********Contains Spoilers********

5×08 Fallout

The intense promo for this episode had me on the edge of my seat the entire episode. I thought Joe Wilson and Diana Valentine did a great job on Fallout. I really loved how the team came together to save Hetty.

Fallout starts off with a little DIY talk between the team. Sam spent the last couple of weeks building cabinets, very manly of him. Callen and Deeks are more of the pay someone to build it for them type of guys and think Sam just wasted time. Kensi is team Sam, saying men who build with their hands are sexy. I’m with Kensi on this 100%. Word to the wise future husband, you must know your way around power tools. I guess that’s what happens when you’re the daughter of a carpenter… And of course Deeks couldn’t let Kensi get away with saying something like that…

“I built a tree house once, how’s that for sexy?”

“…I lost my grip, fell down and broke my coccyx I got a scar you wanna see it?”

@cbs sync

@cbs sync

We got some flirtyness between Kensi and Deeks. Enough to hold me over but we could definitely use some more. ECO needs to be given an award for his improv. He’s always got to have the last laugh!

I want to know what goes on in Eric’s head when he’s thinking of ways to call the team to ops. Mores code Eric? Really? Next, he’ll be sending smoke signals 😉

I love that Renée’s hair is down this season, gorgeous!

So here’s what is going on. Roy Kessler works for a Department of Energy Research Facility and his pass key was stolen. The thieves broke into his office and used his pass key to steal the United States MINES, Miniature Intergrid Nuclear Detection System, locations. *Man that was a mouthful! * They only stole one part of the database though. The one of LA County. When leaving the office building, they where shot by a man in a ski mask who then stole the information. So the locations were stolen not once, but twice. Which means everyone’s in danger. It would be impossible to evacuate the entire city and would cause too much panic so the team has to find the bomb themselves. That doesn’t seem too hard… Luckily for the team, while the getaway car was well… getting away, the buildings security guard snapped a picture of the license plate.

Another great Densi moment.
D: “Okay honestly, who still uses a payphone? I’d rather kiss the outbreak monkey then use a payphone. “

K: “How are you a germaphobe? I’ve seen your apartment.”

D: “Okay I’m fine with my own germs and you of all people should not be giving housekeeping notes. I’ve seen cleaner litter boxes.”

K: “Oh meow.”
*See! Flirty Densi!*


Grangers back and he is not a happy camper. I mean, I guess I wouldn’t be happy either if there was a Nuclear bomb threating LA. Hetty pulled a file on Kelvin C. Griffin. He slipped through Hetty’s fingers years ago and Granger is not happy that he could possibly be involved. Granger threatens Hetty that if they don’t catch this guy her career will most definitely be over.

The license plate leads the team to a warehouse. This is the part in the promo that I was most nervous about because it showed Kensi and Deeks running in then throwing their hands up. Turns out it was just Sam aiming his gun at them when they walked in. Deeks’ “We’re here” text didn’t send in time. Here Sam and Callen find the bombers headquarters. On the table is this map of some sort.


But since its literally just a bunch of pins they have no idea where the attack will take place.


Not only do they find the pins but Callen finds paperwork on Cobalt 60. The team discovers that it’s not a nuclear bomb they have planned but a dirty bomb. This wouldn’t be a weapon of mass destruction but one of mass disruption.

Hetty puts Nell on a secret mission. I love when she does this because it shows just how much she trusts Nell. Hetty wants Nell to find Griffin. They don’t know if he’s involved but Hetty is hoping he isn’t because then that would be serious bad news for her. With Nell on Hetty’s top secret project Eric gets to take a field trip out to the warehouse. Lucky him! Eric pulls of his Surface and what is his screensaver you ask? Well its an adorable picture of him and Nell. I wonder if Nell knows this. And the best part is his password. It’s one of those picture passwords, He taps his eyeas and then circles Nell’s face. Hmmm 😉


I say this all the time but NCIS: LA seriously loves their Microsoft. Product placement! haha

A bomb alert sends Sam and Callen out of the warehouse but before they can leave they realize they can’t just leave Eric alone. Have no fear, Hetty’s here! Can I just say how bada$$ Hetty is. No one’s messing with Eric while she’s around! Kind of scary!


Sam is forced to shoot the suspect *I wish I knew how to spell his name* who set off the bomb alert. However, he had no bomb, so what set off the alert? He covered his clothes in the Colbalt 60. The amount was weak tough, not dangerous to be around but enough to set off their alerts. And cue Deeks’ comment…..

He turns to Kensi with a smirk on his face.
“We should probably still take a shower.” *wink wink*
I just love him!

Anyway, the team was set up. The suspect set off the alerts to see how they respond. Who shows up, how long it takes, etc..

Like I said in the beginning my favorite thing about this episode was how everyone comes together to save Hetty. This scene between Hetty and Eric was great. It shows that the team is starting to realize something is going on they don’t know about and it is worrying them.



Eric is stuck having no idea what these pins mean. However, Hetty solves the puzzle. Cause I mean come on… she’s Hetty.


The pins go with maps! Showing possible targets.

Unfortunately Griffin is involved. BUT Callen and Sam are able to catch him. Not without a little trouble though. While running after Griffin they head into the subway. Griffin goes off the track when he sees he has nowhere else to go. Stupid Callen and Sam jump down to save him! Sam gets Griffin and himself back up on the platform and pulls Callen up with literally no time to spare. NEVER are they aloud to do that again. I swear my heart skipped a beat.


“This is why I don’t take the subway!”

This scene though. Sam and Callen have the best bromance ever. I love their little man hug.

The team isn’t going to let Hetty lose her job. They will do anything for each other. Even if it results in serious consequences. To save Hetty means to get back the stolen data. Griffin sold Nuclear data to the Russians.


This isn’t a place the team can go, knock on the door and ask them to hand over the data. No, if caught they would be in serious trouble but that doesn’t seem to faze any of them.

“If Kensi goes, I go. It’s how we roll.”


Nice exit boys! Callen and Sam jump out a 2-story window, land on a truck below all while shooting at the bad guys…. pure talent. And they made it look so easy! NCIS: LA always has the best action! Each episode is like a mini James Bond movie!

“You all deserve each other”

This couldn’t be more true. Each person is an important member of the team. Not only are they a team, but they’re family. They risk their job and lives every day for those they care about. They’re loyal to each other and I think this episode is a great example of that.

The end!

~ Jenny Q


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