Review: NCIS:LA 5X08

I should just give up on giving myself deadlines to write blogs because I never meet them.

********Contains Spoilers********

5×08 Fallout

The intense promo for this episode had me on the edge of my seat the entire episode. I thought Joe Wilson and Diana Valentine did a great job on Fallout. I really loved how the team came together to save Hetty.

Fallout starts off with a little DIY talk between the team. Sam spent the last couple of weeks building cabinets, very manly of him. Callen and Deeks are more of the pay someone to build it for them type of guys and think Sam just wasted time. Kensi is team Sam, saying men who build with their hands are sexy. I’m with Kensi on this 100%. Word to the wise future husband, you must know your way around power tools. I guess that’s what happens when you’re the daughter of a carpenter… And of course Deeks couldn’t let Kensi get away with saying something like that…

“I built a tree house once, how’s that for sexy?”

“…I lost my grip, fell down and broke my coccyx I got a scar you wanna see it?”

@cbs sync

@cbs sync

We got some flirtyness between Kensi and Deeks. Enough to hold me over but we could definitely use some more. ECO needs to be given an award for his improv. He’s always got to have the last laugh!

I want to know what goes on in Eric’s head when he’s thinking of ways to call the team to ops. Mores code Eric? Really? Next, he’ll be sending smoke signals 😉

I love that Renée’s hair is down this season, gorgeous!

So here’s what is going on. Roy Kessler works for a Department of Energy Research Facility and his pass key was stolen. The thieves broke into his office and used his pass key to steal the United States MINES, Miniature Intergrid Nuclear Detection System, locations. *Man that was a mouthful! * They only stole one part of the database though. The one of LA County. When leaving the office building, they where shot by a man in a ski mask who then stole the information. So the locations were stolen not once, but twice. Which means everyone’s in danger. It would be impossible to evacuate the entire city and would cause too much panic so the team has to find the bomb themselves. That doesn’t seem too hard… Luckily for the team, while the getaway car was well… getting away, the buildings security guard snapped a picture of the license plate.

Another great Densi moment.
D: “Okay honestly, who still uses a payphone? I’d rather kiss the outbreak monkey then use a payphone. “

K: “How are you a germaphobe? I’ve seen your apartment.”

D: “Okay I’m fine with my own germs and you of all people should not be giving housekeeping notes. I’ve seen cleaner litter boxes.”

K: “Oh meow.”
*See! Flirty Densi!*


Grangers back and he is not a happy camper. I mean, I guess I wouldn’t be happy either if there was a Nuclear bomb threating LA. Hetty pulled a file on Kelvin C. Griffin. He slipped through Hetty’s fingers years ago and Granger is not happy that he could possibly be involved. Granger threatens Hetty that if they don’t catch this guy her career will most definitely be over.

The license plate leads the team to a warehouse. This is the part in the promo that I was most nervous about because it showed Kensi and Deeks running in then throwing their hands up. Turns out it was just Sam aiming his gun at them when they walked in. Deeks’ “We’re here” text didn’t send in time. Here Sam and Callen find the bombers headquarters. On the table is this map of some sort.


But since its literally just a bunch of pins they have no idea where the attack will take place.


Not only do they find the pins but Callen finds paperwork on Cobalt 60. The team discovers that it’s not a nuclear bomb they have planned but a dirty bomb. This wouldn’t be a weapon of mass destruction but one of mass disruption.

Hetty puts Nell on a secret mission. I love when she does this because it shows just how much she trusts Nell. Hetty wants Nell to find Griffin. They don’t know if he’s involved but Hetty is hoping he isn’t because then that would be serious bad news for her. With Nell on Hetty’s top secret project Eric gets to take a field trip out to the warehouse. Lucky him! Eric pulls of his Surface and what is his screensaver you ask? Well its an adorable picture of him and Nell. I wonder if Nell knows this. And the best part is his password. It’s one of those picture passwords, He taps his eyeas and then circles Nell’s face. Hmmm 😉


I say this all the time but NCIS: LA seriously loves their Microsoft. Product placement! haha

A bomb alert sends Sam and Callen out of the warehouse but before they can leave they realize they can’t just leave Eric alone. Have no fear, Hetty’s here! Can I just say how bada$$ Hetty is. No one’s messing with Eric while she’s around! Kind of scary!


Sam is forced to shoot the suspect *I wish I knew how to spell his name* who set off the bomb alert. However, he had no bomb, so what set off the alert? He covered his clothes in the Colbalt 60. The amount was weak tough, not dangerous to be around but enough to set off their alerts. And cue Deeks’ comment…..

He turns to Kensi with a smirk on his face.
“We should probably still take a shower.” *wink wink*
I just love him!

Anyway, the team was set up. The suspect set off the alerts to see how they respond. Who shows up, how long it takes, etc..

Like I said in the beginning my favorite thing about this episode was how everyone comes together to save Hetty. This scene between Hetty and Eric was great. It shows that the team is starting to realize something is going on they don’t know about and it is worrying them.



Eric is stuck having no idea what these pins mean. However, Hetty solves the puzzle. Cause I mean come on… she’s Hetty.


The pins go with maps! Showing possible targets.

Unfortunately Griffin is involved. BUT Callen and Sam are able to catch him. Not without a little trouble though. While running after Griffin they head into the subway. Griffin goes off the track when he sees he has nowhere else to go. Stupid Callen and Sam jump down to save him! Sam gets Griffin and himself back up on the platform and pulls Callen up with literally no time to spare. NEVER are they aloud to do that again. I swear my heart skipped a beat.


“This is why I don’t take the subway!”

This scene though. Sam and Callen have the best bromance ever. I love their little man hug.

The team isn’t going to let Hetty lose her job. They will do anything for each other. Even if it results in serious consequences. To save Hetty means to get back the stolen data. Griffin sold Nuclear data to the Russians.


This isn’t a place the team can go, knock on the door and ask them to hand over the data. No, if caught they would be in serious trouble but that doesn’t seem to faze any of them.

“If Kensi goes, I go. It’s how we roll.”


Nice exit boys! Callen and Sam jump out a 2-story window, land on a truck below all while shooting at the bad guys…. pure talent. And they made it look so easy! NCIS: LA always has the best action! Each episode is like a mini James Bond movie!

“You all deserve each other”

This couldn’t be more true. Each person is an important member of the team. Not only are they a team, but they’re family. They risk their job and lives every day for those they care about. They’re loyal to each other and I think this episode is a great example of that.

The end!

~ Jenny Q


Review: NCIS: LA 5×05

5×05 ‘Unwritten Rule’

Three quick little things before I start my review. First I’m so sorry my reviews are so behind. School has been so busy! Second, a little fun fact! Did you know Unwritten Rule was actually filmed last season? Yup, it’s true! After filming last season’s finale, 4×24, an extra episode was filmed! So really, episode 5×05 is episode 4×25! You can tell this episode was filmed last season because both Eric and Renée’s hair is longer than in the previous season 5 episodes. And finally, episode 100 wasn’t the last we’ve scene of Callen’s father. Pillar Entertainment announced on their twitter that actor Anthony Fanelli has booked a recurring role on NCIS: LA! How awesome is that?!

Okay, here we go!

********CONTAINS SPOILERS********

The beginning on Unwritten Rule might just be one of my favorites. Deeks bought himself a motorcycle!


Unfortunately, no one told him of the rule…the unwritten rule. NCIS agents work hard, play safe. They don’t take any unnecessary risks, i.e ride motorcycles.

20131104-180816.jpg*EXCUSE ME, BOX SIGHTING!!!!!*
*Please ignore the bad screen caps. I had really bad Internet connection.*

Sam tells Deeks, jokingly, that the reason he hasn’t heard of this rule is because he’s not an actual NCIS agent. Ouch. Kensi tries to make this a touché moment. Not using it the right way but Deeks is proud of her, she’s getting better 😉

Our victim is Robin Henson, she was kidnapped by three masked men after finishing a 10k fun run in the LA hills. NCIS is handling this case because Robin’s boyfriend, William Garrett, worked on drone designs for the Navy. He took an early discharge for an unknown reason just a week before the kidnapping…. Hmm sounds a little fishy.

Before Kensi and Deeks head out to investigate, Deeks stops by Hetty’s desk to officially tell her “Uncle Marty’s back”. But is he really? I’m not going to lie, I’m worried they’re pushing Deeks traumatic experience to the side.


He feels strong, his head is clear, he’s ready to go. However, Hetty asks him how his heart is. Which really means, is he able to work with Kensi. 😉

“I know you worry about me more than the others. Cause I’m your favorite obviously. Don’t say otherwise cause it will break my heart”

“I’m great. I’m actually better then great, Kensi’s great.”

“Is it cold in here, cause I feel like it just got rapidly cold in here…”

ECO had some really good lines. I honestly don’t think episodes would be the same without him. I absolutely love scenes between him and Linda. They’re my favorite next to Kensi and Deeks’.

While Eric stays in ops, Nell gets to take a trip out into the field. They stationed her at William’s company, Reduce Q, headquarters. She’s in for a big surprise when she shows up! A room full of Eric 2.0’s!



I love it! They’re surprised to see a girl with a gun in their office, the guys can’t help but stare at Nell. But she’s not just any girl with a gun, in the words of Callen… she’s “a cute girl with a gun” 😉 …. I’m sorry but a part of me totally ships Nell and Callen.


As they’re leaving the crime scene, Deeks brings up the fact that Kensi has a motorcycle too. If she can have one why can’t Deeks? Poor Kensi gets really upset when explaining why she’s so against him having the motorcycle. There still hasn’t been talk about the kiss between the two. I hate that it still hasn’t been touched yet. However, I think this is the closest we’ve gotten to the subject. Wikipedia over here starts listing facts about returning vets dying from motorcycles accidents. Yes, Deeks isn’t a returning vet but he did go through a traumatic experience. Kensi believes that his jump to buy a motorcycle and need for speed are signs of PTSD. She should know, she’s been in this position before. She cares about Deeks and she doesn’t want him to turn out like Jack and leave her. She wouldn’t be able to handle something like that again.


Courtesy of


“Kensi you don’t have to worry about me.”
“Yes I do.”
“No you don’t.”
“YES I do.”

Nell tracks down a call from the kidnappers to an abandoned warehouse. The team goes to investigate only to find out that it’s a trap. The team makes it out in time just before the entire warehouse explodes. Like I said before, ECO has some really great lines in this episode. One of my favorites was when the team was about to enter the warehouse. While preparing to go in, Deeks told Kensi how careful he is… *classic Deeks*

“I lift with my knees, I don’t eat gum I find on the street, and I don’t run with scissors.”
“That was once and I barely scratched you.”

I can’t. You just have to love these two! ECO and Dani are perfection! Oh, and I’d like to point out how sexy they each look in their Kevlar vests.

Jealous of how the guys at the office are acting around Nell, Eric decides to show up! Claiming Hetty sent him… suuurreee she did 😉 The guys at first don’t think he’s as cool of an agent like Nell because he doesn’t have a gun but then he pulled the whole “I can kill you with my pen” line. Back away boys, there’s only room for one Eric in Nell’s life! Nicely done Eric.


I like how there are two unwritten rules worked into the story line. The one about the NCIS agents and the second is one with the Navy. It turns out that when a soldier comes into a large amount of money, the Navy can discharge you because your service is no longer your #1 priority. Remember when William left the Navy a week before his girlfriends kidnapping? Turns out his company got paid $75 MILLION to sell his Navy drone secrets to the Chinese. Uh oh! Now we know why Robin was kidnapped! The Chinese told William they would release Robin after they made sure what he sent them was real.

The team tracks down the Chinese kidnappers only to find out they’re not really Chinese. This gets everyone thinking that someone’s lying. Kensi saves the day while pushing Deeks out of the way of a moving truck. First getting a motorcycle and now waiting till the last minute to get out of the way of a speeding truck? I don’t know Deeks… sounds like you’re trying too hard to be badass. Trying to show that you’re alright.


Courtesy of

“I was going to move…I’m like a jungle cat.”

With Robin now safe, William admits to putting a virus in the system he sent to the Chinese. When Robin finds this out she starts acting weird. The truth is, Robins not really Robin. She’s a con artist working with William’s partner Oscar. The two set the whole thing up!

Now here’s where the fun begins. The only thing keeping Oscar from getting away with their plan is Nell. After hitting Nell over the head with his bag, Oscar takes off running to his car and then BAM! Here’s badass Nell whipping out her gun! I definitely think we need to see more of this side of Nell!!



Courtesy of

“Give me some sugar.”

“Donate your organs AFTER you’re finished working for us.”

I’m telling you, ECO and Linda’s scenes steal the show! Hetty in the end, gets her way and Deeks has to hand over his keys 😦

Okay so technically this was episode 4×25 and last weeks episode was 5×06. The real episode 5×05 will be airing tonight. Does that make sense? I will hopefully have my review for 5×06 up before then. Crossing my fingers!

~ Jenny Q

Review: NCIS: LA 5×04

*************** CONTAINS SPOILERS ***************

5×04 “Reznikov, N.”

I just want to start off with a big congratulations to the NCIS: Los Angeles cast and crew on their 100th episode! Woohoo! This is a huge milestone. It’s not easy being the #2 show 5 years in a row but they’ve done it! Here’s to 100 more!

So we start the episode in the gym with a little rock climbing challenge. Callen vs. Deeks, with their respective partners as their cheerleaders. Deeks has beaten Callen twice, Sam never wanting to give up suggests best out of 5. My money is on Deeks, Callen says he climbs like an orangutan. Deeks’ monkey noises was the icing on the cake. It’s the little things Deeks does that makes me love him. Deeks “lets” Callen win the next two which makes Kensi unhappy. I asked Dani during the live tweet if she’s competitive like Kensi and she said yes! I can totally see it! Kensi even slips in a little “my guy” when she’s talking to Sam.


Thanks to Eric Christian Olsen Net

While the children are off playing around, Granger and Hetty are in her office talking about Deeks’ return. While the two are talking, Eric comes down and tells them they need to head upstairs. Something important came in that they need to see before everyone else. Something so bad that Hetty lets out an “oh, bugger”.

While the team heads up to ops, Hetty keeps Callen back. She’s sending him off to Camp Pendleton for an agent assessment. Hetty wants Callen nowhere near this case. However, when Callen sees Sam walking out with Granger he realizes that something’s up. So what does he do? He follows them. Why did Hetty want to keep G away from this case so bad you ask? Well the house that was shot up had a message on the wall written in blood. It said “Callen we have your father”. If you ask me, that’s a pretty good reason not to tell him.

Our victim and the man we think is Callen’s father is Michael Reinhardt. His house is the one that has been shot up. The kidnappers cut off one of Michaels fingers and used it to write the message to Callen. When Hetty arrives and sees Callen in Michaels bedroom she knows there is no way she can get him to leave. No matter how hard she tries. Callen comes across a box of photos in the bedroom closet. Pictures of Callen when he was a little boy.



As he’s looking through all the pictures he notices some of them are from when he was in foster care. Which means his father’s been watching him for years. Callen even comes across a picture of him at his sisters grave. Remember back in season 2 when Callen saw someone talking pictures of him and tried to track him down? Well, I guess now we know who it was!

Nell and Eric track down the car that left Reinhardt’s house from surveillance videos. The car turns out to be stolen. Our two suspects stole the car from a parking lot during the day. The parking lots surveillance cameras were poor quality so they couldn’t get facial recognition but that doesn’t stop super team Neric. Eric is able to track down the cab that dropped our suspects off at the parking lot.

What they find… shouldn’t come as a surprise.  A Comescu, Vasile Comescu.


The team only took down some of the Comescu family back in Romania, but not all. For years, there has been bad blood between the Comescu family and Callens. The Comescu’s want Callen and his family dead and will stop at nothing to get the job done. Vasile doesn’t want Callen’s father, he wants G. Michael is just a bargaining chip.

Callen has gone off the map. He tends to do this when the Comescu family is involved. I think Hetty knew this was going to happen though. When Callen was looking through all the photos he found of Michael and a friend, Arkady. Callen decides to pay Arkady a visit and get some answers. Arkady sees Callens refection behind him and pulls a gun out of his fridge. Who keeps a gun in their fridge you ask? Apparently everyone. Arkady doesn’t have the answers Callen is looking for. According to Arkady, no one has ever introduced themselves to him as Callen’s father.

Callen goes to meet Vasile to do a tradeoff. Vasile’s cousin Anton for Reinhardt. Callen came alone. Callen set up his car to explode when Comescu’s guys looked in the trunk, thinking Anton was inside. The explosion causes a shootout. Sam and the rest of the team tracked Vasile’s cell phone and were just around the corner when the explosion happened. Comescu’s guys shoot at Sam and Granger while they come down the ally and are able to get a shot at Granger. Sam loses control of the car causing them to flip over. Granger crawls out of the car bleeding from a gunshot wound.

Comescu’s men grab Callen and bring him face to face with Michael Reinhardt. Reinhart tells Callen that his name is Nikita Alexander Reznikov and he is his father. The look on Callens face breaks my heart. Here he is, finally meeting his father and they’re being held at gunpoint. Callen knows they’re going to kill his father and possibly him too. Vasile shoots Reinhardt twice in the back. Sam is able to get out of the car by the time Kensi and Deeks show up, taking out the rest of Comescu’s guys. Callen shot Vasile and then ran over to Michael. His last words to Callen were “Tell him, the debt is paid”. Tell who?

Arkady makes another appearance with Callen at the morgue. Arkady tells Callen the truth about Michael. He’s not Callen’s father. In fact, he actually owed Callens real father a debt. Callen’s father was a Russian soldier who helped Michael and his family get to America. In return, Michael promised him that he would keep an eye on G until his father was able to come to America for G and his sister.

When Deeks was going through the pictures of Callen he found an old video film. When Callen ets home that night he watches it. It was a video of something Callen probably never thought he’d ever see, home videos. Inside the film box was a note written by his father that said “My Family”. In the last three minutes of the episode, with tears running down his face, Callen says two words. The words his father once wrote.


Chris O’Donnell for all the awards! He was great! The first episodes of the season are really Deeks related so it was nice to have an episode dedicated to Callen. For our 100th episode, I think it was fantastic! Callen’s family has always been a mystery and I love when we learn more about who he really is. I wish we had a little flirting between Deeks and Kensi but other than that, I thought it was perfect!

~ Jenny Q

Review: NCISL: LA 5×03

********************* Contains Spoilers *********************

 5X03 “Omni”

Omni is Kyle Harimoto’s first episode as an NCIS: Los Angeles writer, joining the team from Hawaii Five-0. Welcome Kyle!

The first two episodes were heavy with emotion. So why not start off episode 3 with a nice big BOOM?! NCISLA always has the best explosions! Our favorite LAPD liaison has decided it’s time to head back to OSP. A present from Hetty is sitting on his desk with a big red bow when he walks in. This has Deeks questioning how Hetty knew he was planning on coming back today. But come on Deeks, its Hetty, she knows everything.


I always love the opening scenes when the team walks in first thing in the morning. We had a Callen and Sam scene this time. The Hanna household watches “Project Runway” and think its time for Sam to get a makeover. Do you agree? You can only have so many long sleeved, three buttoned, t-shirts. So Sam being the loving husband and father that he is decided to go shopping. Apparently, they don’t carry clothes for men Sam’s size over on Robertson.

When Kensi arrives to work, she finds Deeks in the firing range testing out his new present from Hetty, a Smith & Weston. He can’t seem to get a handle of it just yet. Although, this is the first time Deeks is shooting a gun since being tortured so I’m sure it’s not easy. Kensi asks if he’s back, Deeks answers he’s going to take it one day at a time. I think that’s the best he can do.

Deeks is back and so is the Densi chemistry. I loved this scene! An Eric hologram would be cool!

K:“That would be Eric 1.0, 2.0 would be a hologram.”
D: “So if Eric 2.0 is a hologram, what Eric 3.0?”
K: “At that point, he’s just Nell.”

*Speaking of Eric, I would just like to point out that Barrett Foa read my review for 5×02 and tweeted me about it. How awesome is that?!

I’m a little annoyed at the Sam and Deeks hug. I know he’s apologized but I still don’t forgive him. He made Deeks feel unwanted for years. I think the look on Deeks’ face shows
just how awkward he feels about it too.


It’s great to see Deeks making jokes while the team is going over the case like he used to. He seems unable to stop talking. Nerves maybe? Our victim is Tom Norris, CEO of a bio tech company who is handling a classified vaccine. Callen seems to be a little concerned on whether or not Deeks is ready to be back at work or not.

Seeing Densi working together again puts a smile on my face. Kensi’s been keeping all her torture jokes in for a long time. It was only a matter of time until one of them slipped out. A great scene between Densi. They missed each other 🙂


“You done?”
“Nowhere near, but it feels good. I missed you.”
“Sorry what?”
“I mean..I um..I missed having someone to beat up on. Cause, Callen and Sam they’re..they just don’t get my humor”
“You’re still talking.”
“Whatever. You know what I mean.”
“I do.”

The race club is very elite. Only those with fancy cars are welcomed as members. In order for Sam and Callen to get in the club, they’re going to need a car that will turn heads. Callen suggests taking Hetty’s cobra without telling her, claiming they’ll get it back before she even notices. They got so close… NOT! BUSTED! Like Hetty would ever let one of them drive. Sam wouldn’t even be able to fit behind the wheel. Hetty comes up with an idea. Since she won’t allow the guys to drive it she suggests just bring it to the track, Callen and Sam aren’t fans of this idea so they hand it over to Kensi and Deeks. Instead, G and Sam head over to Tom’s house. Now THAT is a nice place! A pool on the roof?! Where can I get one of those?

The guys looking at the cobra want to see Kensi drive it. Kensi, being the smart gal she is knows just how mad Hetty would be if she did. Deeks on the other hand, is hidden in the back of her truck and is talking her into driving the car. And we got a little Kensalina thrown in there. I love it when he calls her that. Having to keep her cover, Kensi jumps into the cobra and takes it for a spin. Awesome driving too!


Some fun undercover Densi. Deeks looks good in those skinny jeans.


After chasing their suspect up to the roof of a parking garage the team is forced to shoot. The only one that doesn’t shoot is Deeks, he freezes.


Even though he did freeze up Deeks claims that he’s fine. I find Deeks on going joke about the voices in his head hilarious. When the team finds out there’s another suspect they head over to Morris Bio Tech. Here we get a little action in the parking lot. It’s great seeing David, Eric’s brother and stunt double and Daniela’s fiancé. Even if it was just for a quick second and he was rolling down a hill.

When the case is solved and the team starts packing up, Callen wants to speak to Deeks. Callen tells Deeks he doesn’t want him there. He feels that Deeks isn’t ready to come back which puts the rest of the team in danger. Callen not believing in Deeks definitely isn’t helping him.



The episode ends with a cute little Densi scene with the two leaving for dinner. Kensi entertains us with her bulgogi dance. The two of them are just too cute!


The cast will be on The Talk today at 2/1c on CBS to talk about the 100th episode! Check your listings. Don’t miss it!

Tonight is the 100th episode! Very Callen based and I’m super excited! It’s a huge accomplishment for any tv show to reach 100 episodes. Here’s tonights promo! Reznikov, N. airs tonight 9/8c on CBS.


~ Jenny Q

Review: NCIS: LA 5×01

I need to come up with a schedule so I can make sure my posts get up on time. The last week I’ve been extremely busy but hopefully now I can stick to my daily updates.

Here we go!

*************************CONTAINS SPOILERS*************************


I just want to start off saying that Eric Christian Olsen, ECO, was amazing in this episode. The emotion he showed in all his scenes made your heart break. Every scene I wanted to reach through the tv and hug him.

The episode started right where the finale left off, Michelle hanging out a window and Sam and Deeks still missing. How Michelle was able to pull herself up by that tarp is beyond me. Once Michelle is safe she heads out to find Sidorov while Kensi and Granger are trying to track down where Sidorov is keeping Sam and Deeks.

The team comes up with a plan. Make it look like Michelle shoots and kills Sam and Deeks. Kensi and Granger are sent to set up. They show up at the warehouse where Sam and Deeks are being held captive. Granger runs to Sam and Kensi runs to Deeks.
*Cue Densi scene we’ve been dying for!*

“Deeks? Hey, hey it’s me.”
“You gotta get me out of here…you gotta cut me loose.”
“There’s not much time and I can’t.”
“What?…What’s happening?”
“You have to stay here just a while longer, okay?”


Seeing Deeks so terrified was definitely something new. You could see how much it was breaking Kensi to leave him there. But don’t worry Deeks! She’ll get you back!


I watch way too much Grey’s Anatomy, I love a good hospital scene. Poor Deeks freaks out when the oral surgeon is asking him to open his mouth. But can you blame him?! Especially when the doctor is standing right next to a giant needle! What I loved the most was Kensi stepping up, grabbing his hand and telling him it was alright. The he was safe and it was okay to let the doctor look at him. I just wish Granger didn’t have to pull her away from him. Granger, you’re such a party pooper.


It annoys me that Sam actually thought that Deeks could just give up Michelle like that. Sam’s opinions of Deeks have always bothered me. When they were being rescued and Sam asked if he gave her up, Deeks wouldn’t be alive to answer if he did. Sam finally apologizes for what he’s put him through over the years. Deeks is a great asset to the team. He’s saved everyone’s life more than once. I’m glad Sam finally realized how wrong he was about him. The hospital scene between ECO and LL was one of the best between the two.

“I think I’m done being a cop.”
“That would be a huge mistake. You’re a great cop and you’re going to make a great agent.”
“I never thought I’d hear that coming from you.”
“Yeah, that was my mistake. I won’t make it again.”

Deeks crying after Sam leaves, extremely hard to watch. Seeing all these emotions makes me love him more.


Even after everything he went through Deeks still saves the day! I was not expecting him to appear on the helipad. But I think him being the one to shoot and kill Sidorov was symbolic.

When Deeks and Kensi meet at the end of the day he just looks so lost and confused that all you want to do is hug him and say everything’s going to be okay. But is it? Their talk was just what ECO told us it would be, their most genuine. I’m excited to see how the writers show Deeks getting back to being himself, with Kensi’s help.


Densi box spotted! Right where Deeks left it. Will he be opening it this season?




“Kens, I just want you to know that the place I went to in my head to stop the pain was you. I just kept thinking about your smile and your laugh…everything. That’s the only thing that got me through for whatever it’s worth.” *Excuse me while I go get a tissue to wipe my tears*

What does all that mean? It means that Kensi is his happy place, she makes him feel safe. Which means all is not lost for future Densi. Yes, Shane Brennan told us not to expect a happy ending BUT it will happen. It just takes time.

Even though Janvier is locked up he will be one of those people always on the back of Callen’s mind.

*All screen shots are from NCIS Los Angeles Fan. Find lots more on their site!

Don’t miss tonight’s all new episode on CBS at 9 pm!

~ Jenny Q

Review: Rookie Blue 4×13


I can’t believe I’m so behind on posting this but I had to really let the episode sink in before I could post.

You Can See The Stars

I just want to start off with saying that this episode was probably one of Rookie Blue’s best. McSwarek fans finally got some hope! All season long we were wondering if Sam and Andy would find their way back to each other, and they did! Writer, Tassie Cameron, did an amazing job. There wasn’t one thing I hated about this episode.

I really enjoyed the different relationships that formed over this season; Oliver and Celery, Traci and Steve, Gail and Holly, and Dov and Chloe. I think they all fit perfectly together. Oliver calling Celery “babe”, Steve wanting to meet Leo, made my heart melt. After everything Traci has been through with the loss of Jerry and Oliver with his divorce its great to see them be able to move on.




I am a huge Flashpoint fan so it was great to see two of our team members guest star in the episode. Michael Cram was fantastic! And I hope Clé Bennett, Chloe’s husband, doesn’t stop Chole and Dov from being together. Now THAT was a big shocker! I can’t believe Chloe’s married! I’m excited to see how they deal with that story next season, as long as it doesn’t ruin Dov and Chloe.


This scene broke my heart. Mid season we saw Andy tell Sam that she knew it was time for her to give up on the chance of them getting back together, was tough. having to watch Sam pretty much do the same, even worse!

“I can’t be here anymore….with you.”

“I don’t understand.”

“I screwed up. It’s my fault. I screwed it up over, and over, and over again. Andy, I want you to be happy. More than anything in the world. More than anything I could want for myself. And you are…with him. And that means I gotta go.”

BUT SHE FOLLOWED HIM! That to me means everything. Then, things get intense.

THEY SHOT SAM! I was spoiled in the beginning of the season so I knew this was going to happen but seeing it, oh my gosh. As heartbreaking as it was I think this was the best McSwarek scene we’ve gotten so far.




“I’m right here and I’m going to hold onto you and I’m never going to let you go.”


“I love you. I love you. You’re my story. Sam, you.”

My goodness, I can watch this scene, over and over again. This is what McSwarek fans have been waiting for! Sam was awake too! Absolutely amazing!

Rachael Ancherli deserves an award. I don’t know much about the Bipolar disorder but I feel she did an amazing job portraying someone who was dealing with a breakdown. When Sam was shot you could tell Marlo realized just how far things had gone.


Lastly, I think we should quickly touch the topic of Nick. I’ll make this quick because I’m not a fan of Nick and Andy. Don’t get me wrong I absolutely adore Peter Mooney. I just think allowing Nick and Andy to get together was a bad idea. I think Nick letting Andy go see Sam was his way of giving her back to him. He knows that Andy will always love Sam. Its like he’s come to terms with the fact that he will never have relationship with Andy that he was hoping for.


It’s going to be a LONG 9 months!

~ Jenny Q