Throwback Thursday


So since its Thursday and I’m missing Rookie Blue I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to make my throwback picture of when I met Missy.

Back in May Missy Peregrym came to Good Morning America to promote the fourth season of Rookie Blue. I live about 45 minutes from New York City so when I found out Missy would be on the show I just had to go! I dragged my sister and my best friend on a 4:30 am bus and we were off to the city! I’ve never gone to a taping of GMA so I didn’t know what time to get there, we got there super early. We weren’t the only people there though so it wasn’t so bad. My sister and my friend were making fun of me the entire time. Missy is one of my favorite actresses, knowing that I was going to see her in person made me a little emotional. Before Missy came out we did the weather with Ginger, I apologize I don’t remember her last name. While taking a commercial break Ginger asked who was here to see Missy, we were the only ones to raise our hands. Ginger said she was going to be the one to interview Missy and she would tell her we were here to see her.

After Missy’s interview she waited to the side for about 25 minutes until the show was over so she could come back over and meet us. She is absolutely gorgeous! Flawless! She was amazed to see we got here so early just to see her. Missy was super friendly and chatted with us for about 10 minutes. We got her to sign some autographs and take a picture with us. Here is a tip, if you’re going to see A show film, ALWAYS bring a marker and some thing to be signed. You never know who you will meet! They might say no, but they also might say yes! anyway, we talked fashion and Ben Bass, it was probably one of the best moments of my life.

~ Jenny Q