Review: NCIS: LA 5×05

5×05 ‘Unwritten Rule’

Three quick little things before I start my review. First I’m so sorry my reviews are so behind. School has been so busy! Second, a little fun fact! Did you know Unwritten Rule was actually filmed last season? Yup, it’s true! After filming last season’s finale, 4×24, an extra episode was filmed! So really, episode 5×05 is episode 4×25! You can tell this episode was filmed last season because both Eric and Renée’s hair is longer than in the previous season 5 episodes. And finally, episode 100 wasn’t the last we’ve scene of Callen’s father. Pillar Entertainment announced on their twitter that actor Anthony Fanelli has booked a recurring role on NCIS: LA! How awesome is that?!

Okay, here we go!

********CONTAINS SPOILERS********

The beginning on Unwritten Rule might just be one of my favorites. Deeks bought himself a motorcycle!


Unfortunately, no one told him of the rule…the unwritten rule. NCIS agents work hard, play safe. They don’t take any unnecessary risks, i.e ride motorcycles.

20131104-180816.jpg*EXCUSE ME, BOX SIGHTING!!!!!*
*Please ignore the bad screen caps. I had really bad Internet connection.*

Sam tells Deeks, jokingly, that the reason he hasn’t heard of this rule is because he’s not an actual NCIS agent. Ouch. Kensi tries to make this a touché moment. Not using it the right way but Deeks is proud of her, she’s getting better 😉

Our victim is Robin Henson, she was kidnapped by three masked men after finishing a 10k fun run in the LA hills. NCIS is handling this case because Robin’s boyfriend, William Garrett, worked on drone designs for the Navy. He took an early discharge for an unknown reason just a week before the kidnapping…. Hmm sounds a little fishy.

Before Kensi and Deeks head out to investigate, Deeks stops by Hetty’s desk to officially tell her “Uncle Marty’s back”. But is he really? I’m not going to lie, I’m worried they’re pushing Deeks traumatic experience to the side.


He feels strong, his head is clear, he’s ready to go. However, Hetty asks him how his heart is. Which really means, is he able to work with Kensi. 😉

“I know you worry about me more than the others. Cause I’m your favorite obviously. Don’t say otherwise cause it will break my heart”

“I’m great. I’m actually better then great, Kensi’s great.”

“Is it cold in here, cause I feel like it just got rapidly cold in here…”

ECO had some really good lines. I honestly don’t think episodes would be the same without him. I absolutely love scenes between him and Linda. They’re my favorite next to Kensi and Deeks’.

While Eric stays in ops, Nell gets to take a trip out into the field. They stationed her at William’s company, Reduce Q, headquarters. She’s in for a big surprise when she shows up! A room full of Eric 2.0’s!



I love it! They’re surprised to see a girl with a gun in their office, the guys can’t help but stare at Nell. But she’s not just any girl with a gun, in the words of Callen… she’s “a cute girl with a gun” 😉 …. I’m sorry but a part of me totally ships Nell and Callen.


As they’re leaving the crime scene, Deeks brings up the fact that Kensi has a motorcycle too. If she can have one why can’t Deeks? Poor Kensi gets really upset when explaining why she’s so against him having the motorcycle. There still hasn’t been talk about the kiss between the two. I hate that it still hasn’t been touched yet. However, I think this is the closest we’ve gotten to the subject. Wikipedia over here starts listing facts about returning vets dying from motorcycles accidents. Yes, Deeks isn’t a returning vet but he did go through a traumatic experience. Kensi believes that his jump to buy a motorcycle and need for speed are signs of PTSD. She should know, she’s been in this position before. She cares about Deeks and she doesn’t want him to turn out like Jack and leave her. She wouldn’t be able to handle something like that again.


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“Kensi you don’t have to worry about me.”
“Yes I do.”
“No you don’t.”
“YES I do.”

Nell tracks down a call from the kidnappers to an abandoned warehouse. The team goes to investigate only to find out that it’s a trap. The team makes it out in time just before the entire warehouse explodes. Like I said before, ECO has some really great lines in this episode. One of my favorites was when the team was about to enter the warehouse. While preparing to go in, Deeks told Kensi how careful he is… *classic Deeks*

“I lift with my knees, I don’t eat gum I find on the street, and I don’t run with scissors.”
“That was once and I barely scratched you.”

I can’t. You just have to love these two! ECO and Dani are perfection! Oh, and I’d like to point out how sexy they each look in their Kevlar vests.

Jealous of how the guys at the office are acting around Nell, Eric decides to show up! Claiming Hetty sent him… suuurreee she did 😉 The guys at first don’t think he’s as cool of an agent like Nell because he doesn’t have a gun but then he pulled the whole “I can kill you with my pen” line. Back away boys, there’s only room for one Eric in Nell’s life! Nicely done Eric.


I like how there are two unwritten rules worked into the story line. The one about the NCIS agents and the second is one with the Navy. It turns out that when a soldier comes into a large amount of money, the Navy can discharge you because your service is no longer your #1 priority. Remember when William left the Navy a week before his girlfriends kidnapping? Turns out his company got paid $75 MILLION to sell his Navy drone secrets to the Chinese. Uh oh! Now we know why Robin was kidnapped! The Chinese told William they would release Robin after they made sure what he sent them was real.

The team tracks down the Chinese kidnappers only to find out they’re not really Chinese. This gets everyone thinking that someone’s lying. Kensi saves the day while pushing Deeks out of the way of a moving truck. First getting a motorcycle and now waiting till the last minute to get out of the way of a speeding truck? I don’t know Deeks… sounds like you’re trying too hard to be badass. Trying to show that you’re alright.


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“I was going to move…I’m like a jungle cat.”

With Robin now safe, William admits to putting a virus in the system he sent to the Chinese. When Robin finds this out she starts acting weird. The truth is, Robins not really Robin. She’s a con artist working with William’s partner Oscar. The two set the whole thing up!

Now here’s where the fun begins. The only thing keeping Oscar from getting away with their plan is Nell. After hitting Nell over the head with his bag, Oscar takes off running to his car and then BAM! Here’s badass Nell whipping out her gun! I definitely think we need to see more of this side of Nell!!



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“Give me some sugar.”

“Donate your organs AFTER you’re finished working for us.”

I’m telling you, ECO and Linda’s scenes steal the show! Hetty in the end, gets her way and Deeks has to hand over his keys 😦

Okay so technically this was episode 4×25 and last weeks episode was 5×06. The real episode 5×05 will be airing tonight. Does that make sense? I will hopefully have my review for 5×06 up before then. Crossing my fingers!

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