Will You “Marry Me”?

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Well… not me silly! It’s NBC’s new comedy Marry Me! Jake and Annie, played by Casey Wilson of Happy Endings and Ken Marino of Eastbound & Down, fell in love six years ago and have been together ever since. Ready to take the next step in their relationship, Jake plans to propose. Only, THIS is the time Annie decides enough is enough and complains about Jake’s inability to commit. Well… that ruined everything!

The cast of Marry Me also includes Sarah Wright Olsen (you all know my love for the Olsen family J) as Dennah, John Gemberling as Gil, Tymberlee Hill as Kay and Tim Meadows as Kevin 1!

You can check out more hilarious Marry Me videos on their YouTube page here! Don’t forget to watch Marry Me on NBC, premiering October 14th at 9/8c! I have high hopes for this show, it’s hysterical!

Follow the cast on twitter!

Annie – Casey Wilson@caseyrosewilson
Jake – Ken Marino@KenMarino
Dennah – Sarah Wright Olsen@Swrightolsen
Kay – Tymberlee Hill@TymberleeHill
Gil – John Gemberling@Gemberlicking

~ Jenny Q


Premiere Week!

It’s that time again! Premiere week is just around the corner! It’s been a very long hiatus season. I tried to stay away from spoilers but once again I caved. I couldn’t help myself! Since I have so many shows I like to make myself a little schedule to keep track of them all. Unfortunately , a lot of my shows moved time slots and overlap others I would watch.  This is where my schedule really comes in handy!

My schedule is lacking this season but it usually changes once I watch pilots and decide what I think is worth staying with. I highly suggest making one of your own! I love to use TV Guide!

Fall 2014


Things I’m looking forward to this Fall season:

  • NCIS: LA: Deeks & Kensi! I have a feeling it’s going to be a Densi filled season 6! Let’s drop the metaphors and get to the good stuff ! Like making up for the ‘Spoils of War’ deleted scene! & Callen’s love life is looking up! FINALLY! The poor guy deserves it.
  • Chicago PD: Burgess & Ruzek! The season finale had me on the floor! I called Burzek from day one and we finally got it! In a recent interview Paddy says they continue it and I quote “We fight, make up, do things in the bedroom. We fight, make up, do things in the bedroom”. YES!!!!
  • Grey’s Anatomy: It’s baby time! I cannot wait until Baby Avery arrives! I think it’s just what the show needs right now! Jackson and April are my favorite people in the world and I love that Shonda decided to go this route. And it’s just a perk that Sarah Drew is pregnant herself! No fake baby bump!
  • Marry Me: I am a huge Sarah Wright Olsen fan so when I heard she would be on a new show it instantly made it’s way to my must watch list!
  • Chicago Fire: WHO DIES?! I can’t handle a character death so this will be a rough season for me.
  • How To Get Away With Murder: Two words. Viola. Davis. I love that woman! She is pure perfection! And the fact that its a Shonda Rhimes show just guarantees it to be amazing!

Tonight begins my weekly DWTS viewing party with my 82 year-old neighbor! There isn’t really anyone this season that has me screaming “They have it in the bag!” though. I’m crossing my fingers the Pretty Little Liars star does well!

~ Jenny Q







Tuesday Premieres!

Another night of premieres! I’m excited for both NCIS’ and Chicago Fire! What shows are you looking forward to?

Dads, Fox
Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., ABC

Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Fox
The Goldbergs, ABC
NCIS Los Angeles, CBS

New Girl, fox
The Voice, NBC

Trophy Wife, ABC

Chicago Fire, NBC
Lucky 7, ABC

The Mindy Project Fox
Person of Interest, CBS

~ Jenny Q

NCIS: Los Angeles Is Back!

Today’s the day many of us have been waiting for, NCIS: Los Angeles is back! Last season ended with a cliffhanger that left us on the edge of our seats. Kensi and Deeks kissed, Callen has been betrayed, Sam and Deeks are missing, Michelle was left hanging out a window, and who could forget ending the episode with a terrifying scream from Deeks! All summer long fans have been wondering what will happen to their favorite character.

In an interview with TV Guide, creator Shane Brennan says “It’s going to take a little while for Deeks and Kensi to talk this whole thing out. … This season will focus a lot on the Deeks/Kensi relationship..” and I’m excited to see how this goes. I’m happy the writers aren’t going to just throw them together. I want to see how Kensi helps him through all the trauma he endured and possibly even Deeks’ struggle with PTSD. We all know they’re meant to be and the thought of never being able to see each other again will bring out their true feelings. I’m glad we’ll get to see that.

Shane also says in an interview with TVLine that Kensi and Deeks’ relationship “…takes a very, very interesting turn.” And they are taking it “to a new level, to a place that a lot of these shows don’t go…”. Could this have anything to do with Daniela Ruah’s pregnancy? Is that new level parenthood for Kensi and Deeks? I sure hope so! I think the show could use a little ninja assassin.

I think this season will be the best one yet. I’m a major Densi fan and it’s great to see what’s in store for them.

If you’re interested on what else to expect this season read the rest of Shane’s interviews!

Catch the season 5 premiere of NCIS: Los Angeles tonight on CBS at 9pm! Oh! Also head over to twitter tonight during the east coast viewing and tweet with the cast!

~ Jenny Q

What To Watch

Get your DVRs ready! Here’s what’s on tonight. Those in bold are premieres. I’m looking forward to Hostages! Let me know your thoughts on this years new shows!

~ Jenny Q

Bones, FOX
Dancing With The Stars, ABC
How I Met Your Mother, CBS
The Voice, NBC

2 Broke Girls, CBS
Sleepy Hollow, Fox

Mom, CBS

The Blacklist,NBC
Castle, ABC
Hostages, CBS