Serve and Protect

** The following may contain spoilers.

Our favorite coppers of 15 division headed back to work Monday in Toronto to start production of the fifth season of their hit show Rookie Blue. One week down many more to go! A nice surprise for this season is that instead of the usual 13 episodes we’re actually getting 22! How amazing is that?! Now I haven’t seen any official release that the season will be 22 episodes but both cast and production members have verified it. This has many fans a little concerned though. Could this mean the end? I highly doubt that. Rookie Blue is one of Global TV’s top shows and I don’t see them cutting it anytime soon. I think this is a great idea actually! It’s very hard to pack a whole seasons worth of love, drama, and heartbreaks in a short 13 episodes. With 22 I feel like we can expect to see a lot more situations, like Sam and Chloe’s recoveries, full out and not have big time jumps between episodes. Let’s just hope ABC decides to pick up all 22 episodes. I would love to hear your opinions on the possibility of 22 episodes? Are you excited or do you think this is the kiss of death?

(I’m writing this while watching CSI: NY so I apologize for any typos 🙂 )

Here’s some first pictures of the cast during their first week!











Here’s a little piece of Shaw Media’s Press Release for the upcoming season.

“The chilling Season 4 finale saw Sam Swarek and Chloe Price shot in the line of duty and in critical care at Memorial Hospital. But life at 15 Division must go on – the officers have sworn an oath to serve and protect no matter the timing or consequences. As the shell-shocked officers of 15 Division struggle to put the pieces of their lives back together – and as Andy and Sam work to find their way back to each other – Andy is tasked with training a challenging new rookie under the watchful eye of a tough new Inspector. And while the officers will have to learn that life doesn’t always have a fairy-tale ending that certainly doesn’t mean there’s no happily ever after.”

This is my favorite part of the PR because it points directly towards McSwarek. FINALLY! I just wish for once we can have a full season or two where Sam and Andy are together and happy. As we already know, McSwarek is endgame. I would like to start seeing them heading in that direction. I think we left off at the end of season 4 with a giant step forward. Make sure to check out my review from last seasons finale You Can See The Stars.

I’m even more excited at the possibility of Andy becoming a TO. She was taught by the best and I just know she’ll be awesome!

I’d like to welcome Oliver Becker and Matt Murray to the cast as well! I can’t wait to see what they bring to the show!

You can check out the entire press release here.

Now don’t panic! If you did happen to read the entire PR you’ll notice both Ben Bass and Lyriq Bent’s names are not on the list of returning cast members. Ben Bass is in fact returning but nothing can be confirmed about Lyriq. Lyriq plays Frank Best 15 divisions Staff Sargent. I’m 99.999999% sure he is returning and it could be a typo. Also, Rachael is on the list and she has confirmed that she will be back playing Marlo Cruz. Probably not as a series regular. I think she’s returning to tie up the loose ends of the Marlo/Ford and Marlo/Sam situations.

The season premiere is titled “Blink” and will probably be back end of May/ beginning of June.

Let the countdown to the new season begin! I hope you stick around for the wait! It will be worth it!

~ Jenny Q


Review: Rookie Blue 4×13


I can’t believe I’m so behind on posting this but I had to really let the episode sink in before I could post.

You Can See The Stars

I just want to start off with saying that this episode was probably one of Rookie Blue’s best. McSwarek fans finally got some hope! All season long we were wondering if Sam and Andy would find their way back to each other, and they did! Writer, Tassie Cameron, did an amazing job. There wasn’t one thing I hated about this episode.

I really enjoyed the different relationships that formed over this season; Oliver and Celery, Traci and Steve, Gail and Holly, and Dov and Chloe. I think they all fit perfectly together. Oliver calling Celery “babe”, Steve wanting to meet Leo, made my heart melt. After everything Traci has been through with the loss of Jerry and Oliver with his divorce its great to see them be able to move on.




I am a huge Flashpoint fan so it was great to see two of our team members guest star in the episode. Michael Cram was fantastic! And I hope Clé Bennett, Chloe’s husband, doesn’t stop Chole and Dov from being together. Now THAT was a big shocker! I can’t believe Chloe’s married! I’m excited to see how they deal with that story next season, as long as it doesn’t ruin Dov and Chloe.


This scene broke my heart. Mid season we saw Andy tell Sam that she knew it was time for her to give up on the chance of them getting back together, was tough. having to watch Sam pretty much do the same, even worse!

“I can’t be here anymore….with you.”

“I don’t understand.”

“I screwed up. It’s my fault. I screwed it up over, and over, and over again. Andy, I want you to be happy. More than anything in the world. More than anything I could want for myself. And you are…with him. And that means I gotta go.”

BUT SHE FOLLOWED HIM! That to me means everything. Then, things get intense.

THEY SHOT SAM! I was spoiled in the beginning of the season so I knew this was going to happen but seeing it, oh my gosh. As heartbreaking as it was I think this was the best McSwarek scene we’ve gotten so far.




“I’m right here and I’m going to hold onto you and I’m never going to let you go.”


“I love you. I love you. You’re my story. Sam, you.”

My goodness, I can watch this scene, over and over again. This is what McSwarek fans have been waiting for! Sam was awake too! Absolutely amazing!

Rachael Ancherli deserves an award. I don’t know much about the Bipolar disorder but I feel she did an amazing job portraying someone who was dealing with a breakdown. When Sam was shot you could tell Marlo realized just how far things had gone.


Lastly, I think we should quickly touch the topic of Nick. I’ll make this quick because I’m not a fan of Nick and Andy. Don’t get me wrong I absolutely adore Peter Mooney. I just think allowing Nick and Andy to get together was a bad idea. I think Nick letting Andy go see Sam was his way of giving her back to him. He knows that Andy will always love Sam. Its like he’s come to terms with the fact that he will never have relationship with Andy that he was hoping for.


It’s going to be a LONG 9 months!

~ Jenny Q


Throwback Thursday


So since its Thursday and I’m missing Rookie Blue I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to make my throwback picture of when I met Missy.

Back in May Missy Peregrym came to Good Morning America to promote the fourth season of Rookie Blue. I live about 45 minutes from New York City so when I found out Missy would be on the show I just had to go! I dragged my sister and my best friend on a 4:30 am bus and we were off to the city! I’ve never gone to a taping of GMA so I didn’t know what time to get there, we got there super early. We weren’t the only people there though so it wasn’t so bad. My sister and my friend were making fun of me the entire time. Missy is one of my favorite actresses, knowing that I was going to see her in person made me a little emotional. Before Missy came out we did the weather with Ginger, I apologize I don’t remember her last name. While taking a commercial break Ginger asked who was here to see Missy, we were the only ones to raise our hands. Ginger said she was going to be the one to interview Missy and she would tell her we were here to see her.

After Missy’s interview she waited to the side for about 25 minutes until the show was over so she could come back over and meet us. She is absolutely gorgeous! Flawless! She was amazed to see we got here so early just to see her. Missy was super friendly and chatted with us for about 10 minutes. We got her to sign some autographs and take a picture with us. Here is a tip, if you’re going to see A show film, ALWAYS bring a marker and some thing to be signed. You never know who you will meet! They might say no, but they also might say yes! anyway, we talked fashion and Ben Bass, it was probably one of the best moments of my life.

~ Jenny Q