The Duke Has Arrived

I know it’s been forever! I’ve been super busy with school lately.

But I come baring good news!

If you don’t already know, I am a diehard Carmine Giovinazzo fan. Have been for 10 years this September. Crazy it’s been this long! Anyway, Carmine’s new movie Duke is now available for order! Carmine fans have been waiting a very long time for this!


Here’s what you can look forward to!

“Duke is a modern day telling of a classic western film. Dare and Roost are brothers who have been raised in a reformatory, taught to survive and conditioned to trust no one. They have moved to West Los Angeles, where Dare moonlights himself as a detective and Roost blankets himself in old John Wayne films and reclusive habit.
Cleaning the streets and ridding the neighborhoods of scum, this contemporary study finds Dare obsessed with a phantom like criminal(Winky), who seems to be terrorizing the community. Simultaneously, the same exact investigation is being lead by official and likely engrossed Detective Robert Morrison. As Dare closes in on Winky and the entire department closes in on them both, these brothers must make the ultimate commitment and pay the extraordinary consequences therein.
Duke stretches beyond the stereotypical vigilante justice picture with it’s measurable heart and honest framing off arrested development, codependency, heroic zeal and poetic justice.” –Duke The Film.

Joining Carmine… Hank Harris, Anthony Gaudioso, Lesley-Ann Brandt, Michael Irby, James Gaudioso,
( A CSI: NY reunion) Vanessa Ferlito, Richard Roundtree, Michael Bowen, Carmen Argenziano, Kelley Flynn, Fredro Starr, Maurice Benard, & Richard Green

The original release date was February 18th but it was impossible to find. First it was said to be at Best Buy, they think I’m crazy “I’m telling you. You’re supposed to have it!”, then it was Sam’s Club, of course there isn’t one close to me. I finally found it on Amazon! Click the link to order your today!!

~ Jenny Q